About me

Welcome to my website! I’m a criminologist and urban sociologist and I work as an Assistant Professor of Criminology at the Erasmus School of Law of the Erasmus University Rotterdam in the Netherlands.

I’m interested in the role of social inequality in everyday life and public policy. Through interviewing, policy analysis and general observations, I seek to understand how social inequality is shaped and reinforced through our actions, experiences, laws and policies – and what we can do to bridge social gaps and foster solidarity.

Here you can find more info on current and past research project.

I have also written academic publications and short texts about urban policy, social mixing and segregation in urban neighbourhoods, gentrification, social interactions and perceptions of safety in public space, and perceptions and experiences of class differences and social hierarchy.

I strive to do public sociology: I write opinion articles and blogs (e.g. Sargasso and CrimEUR), I’m on Twitter, occasionally talk about social issues in the media, and I’m available for lectures and debates.

If you have questions, comments, ideas, anything – please get in touch: vaneijk@law.eur.nl.

Last update May 2019 | Header images from Unsplash