About me

Welcome to my website! I’m a criminologist and urban sociologist and I work as an Assistant Professor of Criminology at the Erasmus School of Law of the Erasmus University Rotterdam in the Netherlands.

My research and writings focus on social inequality in policy and practice. Urban policy, criminal justice practices and the enforcement of environmental crimes, for example, tend to reflect and reinforce inequalities along lines of power, socioeconomic status and migrant background. In my work, I seek to understand and expose processes of discrimination, exclusion and abuse of power. I hope to contribute to efforts to diminish inequalities and foster solidarity.

I have written academic publications and short texts about urban policy (specifically gentrification and social mixing policies), social inequality in criminal justice practices, the relationship between crime and debt, (class) inequality in the Netherlands, and climate criminals. Here you can find more info on my research projects.

I strive to do public sociology: I write opinion articles and blogs (e.g. Sargasso, Vers Beton), I’m on Twitter and I am available for interviews, debates and guest lectures.

Early 2021, together with resident groups, local organisations and other engaged citizens from Rotterdam, I was involved in founding ‘Recht op de stad’ (translation: Right to the city), an initiative committed to a better and fair housing policy in Rotterdam. Read more on our website. I also helped organise the protest Woonopstand (Housing revolt) on 17 October in Rotterdam.

If you have questions, comments, ideas, anything – please get in touch: vaneijk@law.eur.nl.

Last update October 2021