Current research

Exclusion and inclusion through crime control: Class inequality and criminal justice in the Netherlands and New York

Funded by a NWO Veni-grant

This study investigates the relation between social class divisions and crime control. Some of the questions I ask are: To what extent and in what ways does the criminal justice system reflect, and shape, socioeconomic inequality? In what ways does crime control reinforce ideas about class differences? How do criminal justice professionals think about and deal with socioeconomic inequality and marginality in relation to offending? Under what conditions is it legitimate and fair to treat individuals or categories in the criminal justice system differently based on their socioeconomic status? And does addressing socioeconomic marginality through specific intervention work to exclude or rather include marginalized groups?

Although many scholars claim, and many people believe, that Western societies have become ‘classless’, socioeconomic differences and inequality still (subtly) shape how we think about each other and categorize and evaluate people and their actions. An additional goal of this research is to understand how class inequalities are shaped and reinforced through crime control. The empirical research focuses on various policies and practices of crime control, among which punishment, rehabilitation and urban safety policies.

In October 2013 I started the blog class in/justice about related themes.

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